Welcome to the website of
dr. Sophie Bravo

We thank you for choosing the electronic way to book an appointment. This reduces markedly the telephone calls.
In the next pages you will find important informations about the way of working, the consultations and the organization of permanence. Please read this information attentively.
You can join me by phone if needed.


Information for the patients

To take an appointment
Please fill in the complete information of the patient. Don’t forget to mention a telephone number in case of unforeseen circumstances.

1 appointment = 1 patient. For more persons, please block more appointments.

If you need an urgent appointment and there is no disponibilty left, you can try to reach me by phone.

At every consultation:
Please bring the identity card, Kids-ID, or ISI+ card.
Bring also the medical booklet.
If your child has been referred by a health care worker, don’t forget all the documents and possible tests.

Please take your appointment for vaccination at least 48u before, since some of them may have to be ordered. In the comments you mention:« vaccines … months/years ».

Varicella or Chickenpox
Chickenpox are higly contagious ! Please call me for an appointment if you suspect your child to have it.

Too late
Please come on time, so others don’t have to wait after you. If you expect a delay, please contact me to modify your appointment.

Cancellation / modification
If you booked online you can cancel or modify your appointment yourself till 24h prior to the appointment. Please follow the instructions you got in the e-mail of confirmation. Later you have to send me a sms to 0474/10 80 22 (max. 2h prior to the appointment).
In case of no-show an administrative cost can be charged.

The payment can be done by mobile payment by your smartphone or cash (Bancontact by card not possible anymore).

Consultation rates:

  • morning (8:30-12:30: conventioned
  • afternoon (14:30-18:30): non conventioned
  • on call turns: non conventioned

I work from Monday to Friday. On Friday I will be availabletill 13h. For pediatricians in the neighborhood and the on call system please look at the end of the page.


Kasteellaan 12
1652 Alsemberg

Permanence for medical emergency

Paediatrician on call
With other paediatricians of the region of South Brussels we organize a mutual coverage during week-ends and holidays. You can find the paediatrician on call on: www.premierage.be During the night please contact the emergency service of the hospital closest to you.

During my absence you can contact one of my collegues.

  • Dr. Caroline De Bruyn
    Onderwijslaan 2c bus 10, 9400 Ninove
  • Dr. Daniela De Coster
    Steenweg op Brussel 189, 1780 Wemmel
    02/461 07 88
  • Dr. Davidovics
    Boulevard de la Cense 15, 1410 Waterloo
    0485/48 10 67
  • Dr. Salame
    Chaussée d’Alsemberg 140, 1420 Braine-l’Alleud
    0476/23 92 82
  • Dr. Van der Linden
    Chemin des Postes 119, 1410 Waterloo
    02/354 54 27
  • Dr. Ponsar
    Avenue Léon Jourez 23, 1420 Braine-l’Alleud
    02/384 78 44
  • Dr. Dubois
    Avenue Minerve 6, 1410 Waterloo
    02/351 15 92
  • Dr. Hofman
    Avenue des Faisans 5, 1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode
    0474/66 79 66
  • Dr. Kengo
    Avenue de la Chasse 10, 1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode
    02/358 48 98
  • Dr. Petit
    Avenue des Anémones 7, 1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode
    02/358 16 10
  • Dr. Muriel De Maegd
    Rue de l'Espiniat 31, 1380 Lasne
    0468/08 36 07
  • Dr. Myriam Haentjens
    Hondzochtstraat 45 ,1674 Bellingen